Standard Deviations

Equifax offers us protection, but who'll protect us from the protectors?

Equifax Cyberattack

Sure, the consumer credit reporting agency coughed up the personal info of 143 million Americans. But hey, at least they’re offering us their “complimentary” services to guard the data they should have kept safe in the first place.

National Commentary

Lawmakers are finding ways to shut down civil asset forfeiture

Trump Immigration-5

Civil asset forfeiture was adopted with good intentions. But it’s become a racket, and it needs to end

Guest Commentary

Philosophically speaking, a college education is a great value

BZ 042817 Weber State Graduation 10-4

Jeff Steagall provides four tips to make college “a truly transformative experience.”


Celebrate Constitution Week

MH 062516 Air Show 29-11

Ten years after signing the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers created the Constitution of the United States, which historians have called the greatest single document written by man. The framers of the Constitution combined the best political ideas of the past with an improved...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Failure doesn't have to be a permanent part of a felon's life

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“Coming to prison makes one feel like a failure, naturally and justifiably so. By most definitions of the word, we lose the ability to be successful,” Behind Bars columnist Brian Wood writes this week. 

National Commentary

Saving Obamacare is still the priority

Congress Health Overhaul Graham

“What the country cannot afford is to go backward, which is where Sens. Graham and Cassidy would move us,” writes E.J. Dionne.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Hill AFB bids farewell to ‘Viper’

This week’s topics: The F-16, robocalls, the North Ogden skate park and the New Orleans law firm representing Utah in its public lands fight.

National Commentary

Trump hits the wall

Chuck and Nancy

“Donald Trump's signature pledge to build a border wall, aka The Wall, is diminishing almost by the hour,” writes Rich Lowry.


Trump was wrong to rescind DACA

Immigration California DACA

Evidently, President Trump’s agenda is to eliminate everything that President Obama did. Therefore, it was no surprise to many people when Trump announced he was rescinding DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) that protects young immigrants who were brought here illegally by their...

Standard Deviations

Low self-esteem? Better not take Roy High's sex and drugs survey

Candace Thurgood rally at Roy High in rain

Teachers who agree to teach the “Adult Roles” class in the Weber School District must be some special kind of stupid.

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