Listen, kid. You don't know who you're dealing with

sad mother and daughter

“In the end my parents did a bang-up job responding to a child who did things differently...


Bishop deserves praise for acknowledging threat of climate change

Public Lands Fight-1

I attended our monthly Citizens’ Climate Lobby meeting, a grassroots group that advocates for a national carbon fee and dividend program. At that meeting, I learned U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop spoke in favor of language regarding the threat of human-caused climate change in the House military...


Thanks to those who support American Spirit essay contest

NS 091712 constitution03.jpg

The earliest expressions of American spirit came from our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We celebrate Constitution Day on Sept. 17. One means of acknowledging the value of this document can be accomplished in an essay contest, something we’ve had a history of doing How do...

Standard Deviations

Caffeinated drinks at BYU? We all know what that leads to — same-sex marriage

BYU adds caffeine

The times they are a-changin’, and the LDS Church is changing right along with them.

National Commentary

Trump's dangerous confusion on the Iranian deal

North Korea Trump UN

“If Trump decides to torch the deal, we will most likely face the choice of watching as Tehran resumes progress toward acquiring nukes or launching another Mideast war in the hope of halting it,” writes Steve Chapman.

Our View

Obamacare made life better for Utahns. Don't scrap the ACA — improve it

Health Overhaul Arizona McCain

The ACA is working in Utah. Replacing it with Graham-Cassidy puts the health of vulnerable Utahns at risk.

Guest Commentary

Read a book that challenges the way you see the world

Lead BZ 093015 Banned BOoks 01

“The most important challenge of Banned Book Week isn’t the challenges made against the books, but the challenge to ourselves to open our minds and read,” writes E. Kent Winward

Guest Commentary

The Nicolas Sanchez shooting — a Standard-Ex reader conversation

RL 08262017 (Top 5) Roy Police Brutality March-4-3

Police officers were justified Feb. 21 when they killed Nicolas Sanchez outside a Roy convenience story, Weber County Attorney Chris Allred ruled. Readers overwhelmingly agreed.

National Commentary

Don't scrap rules protecting students at for-profit colleges

For Profit Loan Forgiveness

For-profit colleges can serve nontraditional students without ripping them off.

National Commentary

No, using the word "sovereignty" isn't a dog whistle

Trump UN

“Trump's critics misrepresent the speech and misunderstand the nationalist vision that Trump was setting out,” writes Rich Lowry.


Motorists need to look out for elderly bike riders

Senior Bicyclists-4

I am 62 years old. I've been driving for 56 years. All my life I've read about the elderly being run over and killed in crosswalks. I could never understand it until I started riding a bicycle 13 years ago. If I rode on the sidewalk and into the crosswalk, eight out 10 drivers making a right turn...

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